October News: Yoga for Absolute Beginners Series + other beginner options + Ashtanga Immersion

Happy Autumn, yogis!

The air has turned crispy and fresh,  and the wind has been whipping,  blowing those beautiful turning leaves around.  Hope you can be PRESENT in whatever autumn moment you are in: with your tea,  your soup,  your books,  your cozy sweater and your yoga mat!  Hope to see you in the studio soon – come and get warmed up (not any hot yoga in here,  but we’ll turn up the thermostat so you’re comfy enough!).  Cant’t wait to practice with you!

Congrats 5 class pack winners!

Congrats to CVW News AND Nadine for subscribing to our newsletter and winning a 5 pack of classes!  And thanks to all of YOU for being here as well. We will continue to have drawings for five packs every season.  Thanks for sticking with us!

Absolute Beginner Series starts 10/13

Four Week Series begins Thursday Oct 13th at 7 pm: Yoga for the Absolute Beginner who wants to know what the fuss is all about

Have you (or someone you know) been wanting to try yoga but felt super intimidated? Do your friends, neighbors, family, celebrities keep singing its praises on social media, magazines, TV? Has your spouse, doctor or health care professional kindly suggested you should give yoga a try? But, you can’t touch your toes, you say! You don’t know what to wear and certainly don’t want to squeeze into yoga pants! Maybe you’re embarrassed of your feet or don’t have anyone to go with you. Well, have no fear – this four week series is for you!!

In four weekly sessions we will cover the absolute basics from what to do/expect when you enter a studio to a brief history of yoga. We’ll talk about yoga’s ethical lifestyle guidelines, learn some basic anatomy and of course delve into classic yoga postures that you will find in most western yoga classes. We’ll learn how to modify postures to fit YOUR body and build a strong foundation to keep yourself safe and feel rooted and confident. Our goal is to prepare you to explore the vast options available in the booming, exciting yoga world today – in Minneapolis, in your home and in the greater world.  Register here!

Other beginner-friendly options:

I would like to think that all of our classes are available to all levels.  Some of the names of the styles might sound strange to you, though,  so let me break it down!

Yoga Basics – We have a straight-up yoga basics class every Saturday at 1 pm that will cover foundational,  beginning pieces of western yoga practices.  We’ll showcase different styles of yoga with rotating instructors,  work on learning postures & alignment,  get to know the breath and so much more.  Drop in anytime and bring a newbie friend!

Vinyasa:  Power Vinyasa / Slow Vinyasa Flow – Vinyasa simply means “flow” – you will flow from one posture to another with the breath,  or possibly flow in and out of one posture with multiple repetitions.  Flowing practices increase circulation,  help with mindfulness,  build strength and can help to retrain dysfunctional movement patterns (like the flowing we do in Viniyoga). Power Vinyasa will bring more of a challenge + strength building piece (expect a fair amount of planks!) and the Slow Vinyasa Flow class or Hatha/Vinyasa blend will be,  well,  slower and low intensity.  It’s all good to get the blood flowing!

Kundalini Yoga + Meditation / Kundalini Rising
We offer three options for Kundalini Yoga and one of them involves a self-reflection via journaling component (Saturdays 10:30 am).  Kundalini Yoga feels a bit more spiritual in nature and chant,  breathwork and lovely symbolic/ethereal concepts are employed throughout the practices of postures – some of them are static and some flowing with the breath,  sometimes we even dance ecstatically!  These classes often leave me,  personally,  feeling exhilarated,  like I awakened some latent energy that needed to come to the surface.  Our teachers say “you either love it or you hate it.”  I say,  give it a try and find out! 😉

Viniyoga means “proper application / adaptation.” Viniyoga is a low-intensity flowing practice,  very centered on the breath.  In Viniyoga we flow in and out of postures just as mentioned before – to increase circulation,  build strength and retrain dysfunctional movement patterns.  We’ll always focus on the low back and the spine as a whole and do a lot to “re-stabilize” the low back and sacral region.  Every class I (Mary) teach is in the Viniyoga tradition (Yoga for Runners + Cyclists,  Hatha/Vinyasa,  Plant-based Yoga,  Slow Vinyasa Flow).  I am,  admittedly,  a Viniyoga-teaching purist,  however I have enjoyed and still enjoy other forms of yoga as sometimes we need different inspirations and styles in our lives … My teacher Tracy Weber in Seattle gives a great break down of Viniyoga on her site: http://www.wholelifeyoga.com/faq.html

My Time: Relaxation + Mindfulness (Wednesdays 7 pm) & NEW CLASSPracticing Peace  (Fridays 9 am) w/ Kathleen

These classes incorporate mindfulness practices,  meditation & creative visualization with gentle movement.  If you’ve been wanting to bring more meditation into your world,  this is a great place to start,  dare I say so myself.  Very calming!

Starting THIS SUNDAY at 10:30 we are offering 8 weeks of the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga – an introduction to the style of Ashtanga AS well as the 8 limbs of Patanjali,  which breaks down the whole LIFESTYLE of yoga from ethics and morals, to breathing,  to deep states of meditation.  Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is what I consider to be (and I’m no expert) the root of all the the power yoga / power vinyasa / hot yoga / core yoga, etc – so if you would like to get to the ROOTS of your craving for strong yoga,  this could be a nice way to start your Sunday …

OR check out the weekend of Oct. 14th & 15th for an ASHTANGA YOGA IMMERSION w/ Joey Paz from Oklahoma. Joey has studied with some serious yoga figures in India and all over the world at this point.  More on his immersion here – a steal at $125 for the weekend or $25/session: http://imbueyoga.com/project/ashtanga-immersion-w-joey-paz/

Check out our other styles and classes here:www.imbueyoga.com/classes

Plant-based Yoga + Halloween Vegan Potluck Oct 21st

Halloween is almost upon us,  MY FAVORITE!  Join us for one of your first Halloween festivities on Friday Oct. 21st for our Plant-based Yoga + Vegan Potluck with live music by Frequency Collisions during the yoga class.  “Plant Based Yoga” is my play on my vegan philosophy – increase compassion,  reduce suffering and send good vibes into the world!  We do a 50 minute class with postures and a meditation to increase peace, followed by a vegan potluck (all are welcome!).  We’ve had some DELICIOUS stuff – you won’t walk away hungry.  All proceeds split between the musician and donated to a charitable,  compassionate organization of choice.   Wear a Halloween costume you can stretch in (if you want!).

THANK YOU for a beautiful first summer!

I am consistently floored and grateful that this new community is building at Imbue and so happy to meet you – or meet you in the future!  Thank you for trying out our classes and getting to know our instructors.  Please let us know if there is something we are missing – we would LOVE to build a schedule that fits your life!

The spirit in me honors the spirit in you!  Namaste!
With love,
Mary + Imbue Crew