Imbue Yoga Studio 2223 E 35th Street Minneapolis, MN Sign custom painted by Forrest Wozniak

“Imbue” is a verb that means to inspire,  permeate  & infuse with a particular feeling or quality.  Our mission is to offer a safe, welcoming,  body-positive place that will “imbue” all who enter with a sense of well being,  permeate with good energy and inspire compassion out in the world.

In early 2016, Musician and yoga instructor Mary Bue wanted to start teaching yoga once a month in Minneapolis (she had been teaching for the last 5 years in Duluth and before that Seattle). Randomly, without even knowing her intentions, her friend Alissa (founder of Punk Rawk Labs -a vegan cheese making operation) mentioned that there is a yoga studio across the street from her shop that might be into working with her. Mary got in touch with Elen from Yoga for Every Body and made the plan to start teaching once a month at her space. Just days after Mary’s first class, Elen told her teachers that she would be moving on. Bummed and on a whim and a chance, Mary asked Elen how much rent was and if she would be okay with Mary taking over! Two weeks later, the lease was signed. Mary took over April 1st, 2016.

In this space prior to Imbue Yoga was the aforementioned Yoga for Every Body for just over a year, before that Hiawatha Yoga. It has hosted a weaver, a sex-positive shop (Smitten Kitten!) and even Prince’s costume designer worked there for a time. It has great vibes, high ceilings outfitted with custom aerial yoga brackets and big front windows in a quiet neighborhood.

Imbue Yoga will also be an intimate art gallery and performance space – though it must be noted that all who enter must take their shoes off!

Join us for beginners classes, art openings, yoga with live music, meditation, book/study groups and special workshops. We can’t wait to meet you and are thrilled to be part of the neighborhood!