Imbue Yoga Studio

“Imbue” is a verb that means to inspire, permeate & infuse with a particular feeling or quality. Our vision is to offer a safe, welcoming, body-positive place that will “imbue” all who enter with a sense of well being, permeate with good energy, and inspire compassion out in the world.

It’s a crazy world out there! Just by stepping outside our front doors, we can be bombarded by stressors, over-stimulating imagery and plates full of work and activities.  Even inside our homes we can be glued to our devices, computers and TVs – constantly filling our minds with concepts and media.  We hope to offer a place to unplug and just BE,  take a time out from all of that stimulation and connect peacefully with the moment,  amongst other people who are also connecting peacefully with the moment.

Our broader mission for the community is greater self-acceptance & self-love rippling out to greater acceptance of humanity. That’s a lofty goal, we are well aware! We hope through our programs and community we can encourage more enjoyment,  pleasure and peace into your daily life.  Regular yoga practice can sometimes bring on a greater sense of curiosity about the universe and the miracles that are our bodies.  We hope that our classes help to raise consciousness,  empathy and compassion for all beings as well as Increase mindfulness and that sweet sensation of being in the NOW.  

The tangible results we hope for when a strong community is built are creating a sense of belonging whether in the studio or out in the world.  We would like to infuse an inner sweetness and lightness;  promote greater,  stronger,  more balanced energy,  and enhance compassion for humans and all beings.  On top of all of this,  the physical effects of yoga & meditation include:  increased flexibility,  better sleep,  strengthened immune system,  increasing grey matter in the brain,  promoting focus & concentration,  and SO much more!

Is this the right studio for you?

All are welcome in our space and our programs over time will evolve to offer something for everyone!  We do not discriminate age,  race, gender, orientation, religion, socio-economic status or size of yoga pants.  We offer discounts to students, seniors and military and by-donation offerings.  We contract with local talent in the arts and yoga communities and proceeds from one class per month will go to a charitable organization of choice, voted on by the students.  While we are not currently handicap accessible (we are street level but our restroom needs to be remodeled),  that is in our long range plan.  All are welcome at Imbue Yoga!

We are excited about serving absolute beginners who might be intimidated about yoga.  It is nerve-wracking to step into a situation you’ve never been before,  especially if you have had issues with your body surrounding body image,  or injury,  or low energy,   or not so much physical activity.  We want to offer a place to start where you are,  accepting, in the moment,  and building from there.  We are also interested in serving runners and athletes of all levels who value strength, speed and endurance but might need to find balance, alignment and flexibility.  We have heard it said that with greater flexibility,  there is greater potential for strength.  We also hope to offer trauma-informed classes to those who have suffered from sexual assault,  or physical/emotional/abuse. This training in trauma-informed yoga will be part of our on-going continuing education. We are sensitive to your boundaries and will offer a safe container for your practice in our studio.

A note on hands-on adjustments: we will not physically adjust in classes without permission.  Our adjustments are largely vocal and sometimes we will come near you and demonstrate or see if you can make a slight adjustment of your foot or arm or hips (etc) so that the position feels better in your body.  Please let us know before you practice (or via email) if you don’t want adjustments in any way either by touch or vocally and we will honor your space!