Ahimsa (Non-Violence), Twin Cities Veg Fest + Prenatal Yoga

Greetings yoga lover!

May your spirit be free on this Thursday afternoon, your mind peacefully concentrated and body full of all that nourishes!  I’m here today to talk to you about a food festival,  compassion and BABIES!

Babies first! PRENATAL YOGA BEGINS THURSDAY NOVEMBER 3rd at 9 am – Drop in $14/$10 Student/Military

Here is a little change to our studio schedule: we are replacing Thursday morning’s 9 am Kundalini class with Prenatal Yoga!  Lauren,  one of our beloved Kundalini instructors is thankfully keeping her Saturday 10:30 am Kundalini Rising: Unlocking your Creative Potential (try it!  Postures + stretching,  conscious breathwork,  meditation and a self reflection free flow journaling time.  Jump start your creative juices!).  In place,  I (Mary) will be re-offering Prenatal Yoga which I absolutely love to teach.  I received continuing education in Prenatal Yoga in 2011 by Seattle Yoga Therapist &  Tracy Weber (owner of Whole Life Yoga and author of Downward Dog Murder Mysteries!).  I learned so much about the precious real estate that is your babe,  how to keep you both safe,  and some useful tools to bring home for energy,  strength and calm in the quiet periods as well as during labor.  In June 2017 I plan to receive Doula training so that my Prenatal Yoga skills will be even more,  uh,  skillful and helpful to you expecting moms.  If you or anyone you know is expecting,  join me at 9 am on Thursdays!  Plenty of street parking,  and plenty of soothing tea (as I know morning can kind of be a tough time in pregnancy …).  Blessings and bliss to you in your pregnancy!

And now,  for some yoga philosophy:

Having a great time teaching “Yoga for the Absolute Beginner who wants to know what the fuss is all about” (Next 4 week series begins Nov 10th 7 pm – Register here).  We talk about the philosophical / psychological foundations of yoga as well as the benefits,  anatomy,  postures,  breath.  According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’s (an ancient text on yoga) 8 limbs of yoga,  the 1st limb of yoga practice is called Yama, which could be thought of as “discipline,”  “attitude” or “behavior.”  There are five Yama: Ahimsa – non-violence,  Satya – truthfulness,  Asteya – non-stealing,  Brahmacarya – abstaining & Aparigraha – non-excess / non-materialism. Today I’d like to talk about the first Yama as we are really dealing with a lot of violence and suffering and anger in the world today …

AHIMSA = Non-Violence.  What does non-violence look like in your daily life? How about in your mind?  Ahimsa in the absolute foundation of a yoga practice.  To start on the physical plane,  how can we approach our asana (postures/stretching) with gentleness and care?  To not stretch too intensely,  to not force ourselves into something we don’t want to be,  and to also not beat ourselves up if we don’t make it to the mat one day?   In our minds,  on and off that mat – how can we speak kindly to ourselves – as if we were speaking to our sweetest friend or child?  Can we approach our frustrated, negative thought patterns with compassion and be able to label them simply as “thinking” and find a new,  more freeing + loving thought?  This takes training and mental stamina.  Non-violence begins with ourselves.  From this place of self-compassion we can go out into the world with less road rage,  less snapping at our families,  less brutality that we see in words and deeds that we see in the news.  Ahimsa also has to do with our responsibilities and duties.  We can try to act in a way where we cause no harm to ourselves so that we can carry out our duties to our families and our lives.  This also means self-preservation,  so even possibly fighting back if our lives are in danger so to stay alive to carry out our destiny.  It is a very complicated thought,  and highly worth contemplating.  Our yoga practices of postures,  pranayama + meditation help us to find the focus,  stamina and equanimity to approach our day to day lives with more ease and over time our attitudes and our thoughts and behaviors can shift.  I for one am certainly not perfect, and ALAS – attached to more than one vice, I am the first to admit.  However I will also say that I have come a long way with my self-compassion and am so grateful for these practices that support me.  I hope that as you contemplate ahimsa (worth a google search!),  your self-compassion and outward compassion can grow,  should you desire it.  Start where you are,  and you are JUST FINE in this moment.  It gets so sickening to hear of all the ways we can “better ourselves” so please,  approach these new attempts with that spirit of compassion should you want to!

And from here,  I can come into the next topic of TWIN CITIES VEG FEST, whose motto is “Celebrate Compassion!”  Twin Cities Veg Fest takes place at U of M’s Coffman Memorial Union on Saturday 10/29 + Sunday 10/30 from 11-4.  Free to the public,  samples of vegan + vegetarian foods & products.  There will be clothes,  literature,  speakers,  jewelry + gifts and TONS OF FOOD.  I’ll be there tabling on both days with a raffle for 5 packs of classes and happy to chat all things yoga with you – and talk about our next Plant Based Yoga + Vegan Potluck on Nov 18th!  Save the date!

There are differing schools of thought on whether Ahimsa applies to vegan/vegetarianism.  Some yoga masters say yes,  this is the non-violent way,   and some yoga masters – even in my lineage – say no.  I personally am vegan because I geeked out on Netflix documentaries three winters ago and finally said I’d had enough with the way living beings are treated,  however I understand that this is a deeply personal choice which involves great self reflection and it certainly took me many years of on and off before changing my lifestyle.  Regardless of whether your are on or off the veg wagon,  Veg Fest is TOTALLY worth checking out to sample tons of delicious food.  We can probably all agree that eating more plant based foods will improve your nutrition and leaves a better carbon impact on the planet,  so even trying for a Meatless Monday could spice up your life!  Hope to see you at the Fest!

Thank you SO much for your support of the studio this summer and fall!  I hope this email wasn’t too soap-boxy!  It’s sometimes good to look at things through a different lens – in no way does it mean you have to adhere to it.  Be your own soul,  follow your own bliss,  and surely hope you can come find some bliss at the studio soon!


MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP:  For $89 / Month you can join as a “member” for unlimited yoga classes,  select series + workshops AND (new!) get an hour long private lesson every 3 months.  Join now!  *Friends who have this monthly membership,  let’s cash in on your private lesson soon!  We also have 6 month memberships which get all of the above as well: $500 / $400 Student/Senior/Military  Join today! www.imbueyoga.com/prices/

FREE KUNDALINI YOGA CLASS at Midtown Farmers Market Oct. 29th 8:30 – 9:30 am with Dorothy Jordan!  Dress for the weather,  bring a mat (we’ll have a few) and bask in postures,  breathwork,  meditation.  This is the last market of the season – go enjoy it! www.midtownfarmersmarket.org


Yoga for the Absolute Beginner Who wants to know what the fuss is all about – 4 week series begins Nov 10th – Thursdays at 7 pm (no class Nov. 24th) $70 / $60 Student/Senior/Military – Registration required here by Nov 5th to reserve your place 

Yoga to Help with the Winter Blues Workshop – Sunday Nov 19th 1-3:30 pm $30 (included in monthly + 6 month membership) Does the darkness + cold get you down?  Numerous Minnesotans are affected by the change in the seasons.  Practice an energizing flow to get the mood up,  learn some breath practices to calm and energize and take home a practice to work with on your own to lift your spirits.  Registration required by Nov 13th to reserve your spot. 

Gratitude Flow + Meditation – November 24th – 9 – 11 am (Thanksgiving Day) $20 (incl. in memberships).  Join us for an uplifting, flowing & peaceful practice to stimulate digestion,  get the blood flowing and meditate on gratitude and abundance.  A lovely way to soothe yourself before family gatherings and warm the heart center with all the goodness in your life.


I miss you!  I hope to come and offer a class or workshop in November or early December.  Please stay posted!  Thank you for YOU!

As always,  updated schedule + teachers are at www.imbueyoga.com


Please be in touch with suggestions for classes or workshops you’d like to see!  Peace be the journey,

Mary + Imbue Crew

Our Halloween Plant Based Yoga + Potluck was a hoot!  Thank you so much for dining,  enjoying Frequency Collision’s sweet tunes + yoga-ing with us!  Next event is Nov. 18th at 5:30.

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