April Studio Newsletter – Move Your Soul, Prenatal Yoga + Henna, Midwest Women’s Herbalist Conference

Dear friend in yoga,

Happy Monday and hope you can enjoy the darkness of the new moon this evening,  reminding us that we are a part of the natural cycle,  always allowing time to reset and begin fresh each month. Spring cleaning anyone?

Lots of yogis and health conscious people in general talk a lot about “detoxing” and spring cleanses.  Spring is a wonderful time to emerge from the muck, fresh and vital and alive.  While I don’t like the word “detox” because it implies that we are toxic (we aren’t! our bodies are constantly flushing out toxins – thank you liver!),  I do see a benefit in small changes to our daily lives that can add up to more energy,  well being,  and compassion!

Some things to try,  many of them obvious:

-Enjoy more fresh, local produce (Midtown Farmers Market will be starting up in May, yay!) – perhaps you can even grow your own or pick it in non-treated parks.  Things like young dandelion greens – and soon the flowers – are great helpers for the liver and get digestive juices flowing.  Try eating a leaf a day!  Also young spruce tips are chock full of vitamin C.

-Morning Pages.  While being on my artist residency in New Mexico,  I’ve been practicing Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.  She encourages us to write 3 pages in a notebook pretty much first thing in the morning.  Every. Day.  This can seem daunting,  but you can write about ANYTHING.  I like to think of it as draining the brain.  Getting out all the stuff of dreams and of yesterday so that the mind can focus on what’s in front of us.  Give it a try!  (Also come to our Saturday 10:30 Kundalini Rising: Unlocking your Creative Spirit with Lauren which incorporates journaling at the end of the practice!)

– Meditation.  3-5 minutes at any time in your day of just focusing on your breathing.  I’m a big fan of “breath counting.”  Mentally say: “Inhale,  exhale 1.  Inhale,  exhale 2.  Inhale exhale 3. Inhale exhale 4.  Inhale, exhale 1. Inhale exhale 2 …” etc.  Repeat counts of four until your timer dings.  I love the insight timer app – give a look here.

– Of course,  yoga!  The yoga practice we most know in the west is the asana portion – asana means postures and stretching – basically the physical shapes we make in a western yoga class.  Asana burns a few calories depending on the intensity,  tones the muscles,  builds concentration & balance,  so much more.  Practiced at home or in a class,  asana is a lovely thing to bring into your daily life.

Hope these tips are helpful and I wish you abundance,  joy,  and fun in your spring!  Hope to see you in the studio soon.  Big love, Mary + Imbue Crew!

Scroll on down to see some of our upcoming workshops and our new student special (also available for current and past students until April 1st!)

Imbue Yoga Studio Minneapolis - New Student Class Special

Workshops & events

Check our calendar for on-going classes 🙂 

PRENATAL YOGA & Complimentary HENNA April 2

Imbue Yoga Studio Minneapolis - Prenatal Yoga & Henna

Instructor: Andriana
Henna artist: Amy of Mehndi Moments
*** Please note: Prenatal Yoga is an on-going weekly class – no class 4/16

$14 drop in
$10 student / senior / military

Reserve your spot: www.imbueyoga.com/calendar

During pregnancy, a woman experiences continuous change, in body, mind, and spirit. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or completely new to yoga, this class will offer support to women with all levels of experience and at all stages of pregnancy through a gentle practice meant to calm the mind through relaxation, meditation, and breath work. Postures in practice will be geared toward strengthening the body – especially the legs, pelvic floor, and hips, in preparation for the labor and birth process. Come connect with other expectant mothers, including your instructor, who is expecting her first baby in June!  Pre-registration is recommended via imbueyoga.com, but drop-ins are always welcome!

On the first Sunday of every month after yoga class, Amy from Mehndi Moments is offering complimentary henna to our prenatal students! Please stick around for tea and beautiful henna designs. Please share with your expecting friends and registration highly recommended! Amy offered henna tattoos at our grand opening and was a hit with her stunning, shimmery designs. What better way to pamper!! Check out Mehndi Moments here:

Move Your Soul:  Meditation,  Movement,  Reflection w/ Kathleen Sprole – April 9th 3 – 4:30pm

Cost: $18 – please register by 4/07 to save your space!
Register here: http://bit.ly/2lYrbOb

From grounding stillness, to high energy dance / ecstatic movement and back to grounding and reflection – Move Your Soul this weekend!

Workshop consists of:
– Grounding Meditation, Intention Setting
– Intense-ish music with movement designed to connect with inner wisdom, stir the soul, connect with internal and authentic self
–  Meditation, journaling, reflecting on whatever got “moved” or stirred in the session)
-Savasana and Closing/Releasing the practice.

Arm Balances & Inversions Workshop w/ Becca Cerra April 15th 3 – 5  pm

Please register by April 13th to reserve your spot here

 Do you want to learn how to support yourself in new and creative ways? Each week I’ll demonstrate an arm balance or inversion and guide you through your own expression of these postures. We’ll focus on building the strength necessary to safely enter and exit each posture. *This class is appropriate for all levels: beginner to advanced

Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference June 9-11th

Join us for an amazing weekend and kick off your summer in a most nourishing way.  Entrust your teenagers with Mary Bue & Rebekah Dawn at the Teen Spiral Camp and join Mary for gentle morning yoga in the Red Tent,  as well as learn from AMAZING presenters,  eat fantastic food and grow an incredible community of new friends this June near Madison, WI!

“Learn from world-changing thinkers and movers in the world of women’s wisdom and herbalism. The 2017 Conference marks our sixth year as we gather together again at Camp Helen Brachman, in Almond, WI (two hours from Milwaukee near Waupaca) with about 400 women, teens, and children.  Along with the herbal education and personal growth workshops women enjoy dance and body movement opportunities, singing, and nature walks.  The village will commune together around nourishing, mostly organic meals, swimming in and enjoying the view of beautiful Pickerel Lake (in the heart of the camp), and soaking in the evening campfire.  While tent camping or residing in the rustic cabins, women enjoy the natural beauty around the camp, with enough space to join a group or take a quiet walk alone.  Beginning with a welcoming opening ceremony, bringing together the group’s intentions, each personal journey continues while held in the trusting and mysterious arms of nature.”

More info: http://www.midwestwomensherbal.com/
Imbue Yoga Studio Minneapolis at Midwest Women's Herbalist Camp