April Newsletter: Soft opening + moving up and over self doubt

[This blog was originally posted in our yoga newsletter]

Hello Friend in YOGA!

I hope this note finds you enjoying the slow warming of spring and that you have been able to bask in the sun and take savasana like a lizard …

… and if not,  if you’re in the Twin Ports region, there is a super fantastic “Mobile Rescue Unit” called The SunSpot you should check out – it’s a bus equipped with full spectrum lights and omega-3 rich snacks so you can load up on happy lights,  listen to good tunes,  and nourish yourself!  I am so proud of my friend Sue York and her sister for inventing this – it’s like the healthy revolution of the party taco truck!  Check them out out on Facebook here.  I’m not paid to mention them,  I just think they are TOO COOL!

Big news around here:  IMBUE YOGA STUDIO’S WEBSITE IS UP (and you are ON IT)! Please take a look around at http://imbueyoga.com.  It would mean the world to me if you checked it out,  read about our vision and our classes,  and perhaps would be so kind to share with your friends in the Twin Cities metro or anyone who you know who is traveling through.  I will have blogs (twice a month) about things that we’re up to (art openings!  Live music yoga!  Pop ups!) as well as musings on wellness,  meditation,  mindfulness,  anatomy,  yoga posture breakdowns,  and more.

We are opening, softly,  THIS VERY SATURDAY April 16th with an all levels class at 1 pm.  Our grand opening bonanza is June 11th starting at 3 pm with free mini classes,  refreshments and live music by Dirty Knobs,  Brian Just,  Katy Vernon and more.  Can’t WAIT!

Huuuuuge shout outs to my friends who wrote testimonials for my website! BIG LOVE to Tom,  Leslie,  Meghan,  Melissa,  Krystle,  Glenn,  Cindy,  Katy and Hannah!  I teared up reading these and I am thrilled to the moon that you have found benefit in these teachings!  In reflection over these generous words,  I look to my master teacher Tracy Weber’s blog about the meaning of the word “Namaste”:  “If you study the origin of the word and meaning of each syllable, Namaste translates roughly to “Not me, but you.”  This meaning reminds me that every class I teach and every blog I write is not really for me, but for the students in front of me.  It reconnects me to why I teach yoga in the first place:  To create a space of healing and growth for my students … each of my students is both my teacher and a source of light in my life.” – Tracy Weber. This is truly how I feel about practicing with you all.  Thank you for the kind words.

This delves me right into the juice of this email.  Starting a small business has been an unbelievable roller coaster that I could not have expected,  nor been prepared for.  I went from exhilaration and wild excitement to dread,  anxiety,  mild depression,  drinking a hair too much,  eating a bit too much and participating in reckless behavior (if you would call snowboarding that! Ha!  For this 34 year old, perhaps since I broke my shoulder doing it!).  I made mistakes,  oversights,  was too forthcoming about plans before I had time to think about things (all of this has happened in only two months!) and I daresay I made a few people frustrated and even angry with me.  My entire life,  I admit to being a people pleaser and desperately wanting EVERYONE to like me.  I still want this for myself,  but I must realize,  that especially with opening a business, that not everyone is going to like me or agree with me,  and that is OKAY!

In the past few days,  I’m slowly emerging back into joy and excitement.  We have installed the new floor and almost finished the painting.  My LLC and DBA are assigned,   website is launched.  I am excited and proud of our offerings and so stoked to share them with you and I think you will be STOKED with the new space and some of the new offerings.  All of this is to say that I went into the depths,  I took on some suffering,  I analyzed and hung out and stewed in it,  and I’m gonna learn from it and move on and embody my mission: to imbue all who enter with well being,  energy and compassion.  The start of this begins with myself.

Thank you to all who have practiced with me.  I learn more from you than I can ever express.  I wish you abundance,  vitality and FUN in the coming days!

Much love and gratitude!

Join me for classes in Duluth and Knife River as well as our “soft opening” at Imbue Yoga! 
Wednesday 4/13  Knife River Rec Center 9 am
Wednesday 4/13  Duluth Fit Lab 5:30 pm
Imbue Yoga Studio Classes in Minneapolis
Saturday 4/16 All Levels w/ Mary 1 pm
(Soft Opening!)
Mon 4/18 Vinyasa for Larger Bodies
w/ Elen 6 pm
Wed 4/20 My Time Relaxation and Mindfulness w/ Kathleen 6:45 pm
Imbue Yoga is a proud sponsor of the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival (pick up a field guide for a special offer!) and the Minneapolis Yoga Conference.  Click on the images below for more info!