Embrace your true nature: Mid-May Newsletter

Dear friend in yoga,

Last night I dreamt that I was watching the white flowing blossoms of a plum tree and I said to my dream-self, “Just watching the tree is poetry.”  That’s how spring is feeling here in Minneapolis,  like a dreamscape after the monotone of that long winter,  bright petals falling on the bike paths,  rhubarb bustling for attention,  birds and soon tons of bugs doing their thing.

How CAN we be more present,  and savor this time,  soak in it for all its glory?  And not only this time,  but also that deep dark winter,  also the chaos of a cluttered desk,  the dripping nose of your ill kiddo,  the ache in a broken heart,  the grace of your grandma’s gardening?

I truly believe meditation can help us.  This isn’t just a ploy to get you to sign up for our upcoming Zen meditation series (although hopefully you will!) – this is a true wish to reduce your suffering and increase your capacity for peace and joy.

Many of us say,  “I suck at meditation.”  “I can’t sit still.”  “My body hurts and I can’t sit in full lotus.”  “I will never be able to clear my mind.”

And yet,  this isn’t the goal.  Meditation comes in many forms and flavors.  There is walking meditation,  mindfulness while doing dishes,  staring at the flame of a candle,  or watching your breath.  There is reciting a mantra,  there is prayer,  there is gazing lovingly at an object or depiction of your spiritual devotion.  There is sensing the glow deep in the heart or even chewing your food 100 times.

In my eyes,  meditation helps us calm the random fluctuations of the mind.  It allows us to take a moment before reacting,  before speaking,  before doing,  to pause and decide if it is of the most benefit for us to move in that direction.  Meditation allows us to label thoughts as simply thoughts that are just flowing through,  that we don’t need to get attached to,  that we don’t need to even BELIEVE.  That there is a clear,  serene space behind the chatter of our thinking.

Meditation can help us stop and smell the roses and take in all there is to take in from this very moment in our very unique and complicated and messy and beautiful lives.

I hope you can find time to sit,  be,  walk,  chew,  feel,  with utmost care.  It is your own incredible life,  and no one else’s.  May you have the freedom to choose the most beautiful of thoughts.

Much love,

Coming Up:

*PLEASE NOTE: No Barefoot Boxing on Sunday, May 20th

Off-Site: Midtown Farmers Market Community Yoga

Every 1st + 3rd Saturday morning 8:30-9:30am Free / By Donation

2225 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Luxurious, awakening mid-morning Hatha. This class is great for those new to yoga as well as anyone looking for a gently-paced practice.


Fridays 7am Buti w/ Keelin – begins May 18th 

What is Buti? Many have referred to it as their “soulmate workout”. Buti is an ancient Indian Marathi word meaning, “something that has been hidden or covered”. Originally stemming from the ancient practices of Ayurvedic medicine, it has mindfully been chosen as the word to describe this physical practice.

Buti incorporates the best parts of all exercises to give you the best workout; a combination of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), tribal dance, Vinyasa yoga, and plyometrics – all done to upbeat music!

But, it’s much more than the physical side. The movements and the music are what you choose to make of it, and as you continue this practice you will find that you may change how you view yourself and the world around you. This practice is much more than shaking our [buti]es to good beats, though it will give you a great butt! More so, it is about uncovering the badass goddess we all embody, and supporting one another in that soulful transformation.

Workshops + Series


Sacred Grounding Rhythm Movement workshop w/ Cheri Bunker Saturday, May 19th – need 4 more registered!

 6:30pm-8pm $20 Please register here by May 18th

Learn about your chakra energy centers and then move through all seven of the Chakras to open blockages; feel the rhythm and move with our eyes closed or wearing a blindfold. Dance like no one is watching as no one will be. Feel the opening one by one of of each chakra. Dance with colorful scarves in your own little circle. Create a mandala of your sacred grounding movement experience at the end of the class. Chakra handouts provided. This program can also be done seated for those that prefer not to stand and dance. Barefoot or appropriate non slip footwear. 90 minutes.

True Nature Zazen: Intro to Zen Meditation

4 week series on Tuesdays beginning May 22 through June 12th from 7:30-8:30pm.


A beginners group that provides support and encouragement for your own meditation practice. Are You interested in meditation, mindfulness or have just begun zazen practice on your own? Sit. Breathe. Embrace your true nature. Realize new enlightened understanding with meditation methods, techniques and discussions.

Discussion and guidance on mindfulness, Zen basics and methods with sitting meditation periods.

Chris Perricelli: Teacher, student, meditator, musician.
Before moving to the Twin Cities, Chris learned and attended weekly Zen meditations which established the roots that solidified a strong personal daily Zen practice. With over a decade of practice and a deepened understanding, his kind and respectful demeanor naturally welcomes you to sit, breathe and be as you are. This will be Chris’ second introduction to meditation series at Imbue.


Intro to Aerial Yoga – May 27th 6pm 

Purchase your pass here – only 6 spots available!


In a safe and welcoming environment, learn how to invert, maneuver, balance, stretch and have fun in the aerial silks!! Learn proper modifications and propping techniques to for your personal comfort and ability level. Elevate your yoga practice to a new level and experience it in a new way. This class is most accessible to those with a general understanding of basic yoga poses. Please no sharp jewelry, clothing with zippers, or anything that may snag and damage the aerial silks.

Helpful tip: Cotton (not synthetic/slippery) clothing is most comfortable and safe in the silks. I recommend wearing a tighter fitting tank top with a T-shirt over it for optimal modesty while inverted, and protection from friction of the fabric.

*If you have a spinal condition, injury, or medical issues that prevent you from inverting (glaucoma, heart condition, etc) or backbending, or are pregnant, please obtain your doctor’s permission.