February Studio Update: Yin Yoga Spotlight & Upcoming Workshops

Hello friend in yoga,

Have you been enjoying the wacky, early spring in Minnesota if you’re there?  A friend of mine even found parsley growing under a patch of snow in South Dakota the other day.  In FEBRUARY!  WOW!  If you’re in a rainy spot in California or New Orleans,  may you be safe and comforted with loved ones … In fact,  may you all – wherever you are – be safe and comforted.  For crying in the night!  What a world we are in right now.  Shanti, shanti, shanti.

Spotlight on Yin Yoga

Today I’d like to do a quick spotlight on Yin Yoga (and why you should consider trying it!).   According to Yoga Journal: “This practice is designed to help you sit longer, and more comfortably, in meditation by stretching connective tissue around the joints (mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine). A passive practice, Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia.”  Many of these postures can be adapted to be restorative and deeply relaxing.  Yes,  this is a challenging practice for the monkey minds,  the swirling thinkers,  the “i’m just sitting here when i could be doing something” types.

Yes,  indeed,  Yin practice is Langhana. “Langhana is a Sanskrit word that means “to fast,” “to reduce” or “to diminish back to its cause.”  In yoga asana[postures & stretching] practice, langhana postures are those that are more relaxing, slowing the heart rate, breathing and metabolism, relaxing the nervous system, and calming the mind.”Yogapedia.com

We are sometimes (and I would dare say mostly) drawn to energies that we have an excess of.  If we are hyper-busy and live very intense lives at work and home,  we often crave very hard workouts and strong vinyasa yoga classes,  hot yoga,  Bikram,  etc.  Nothing wrong with that!  However,  it may be just what the Dr/Naturopath/your inner wisdom ordered to find BALANCE by doing a practice that is slow,  deep,  long,  quiet.  Sink into your mind.  Sink into the quiet.  Let your muscles lengthen slowly.  See what happens.  See if the mind follows …

We offer Yin / Restorative classes 3-4 x’s a week:

Monday 7:30pm w/ Andriana
Tuesday 5:45pm  w/ Rosemary* (soon to be Sue – more on that soon)
Wednesday 5:30pm Recovery Yoga w/ TJ
Saturdays (1st & 4th) at 1 pm Recovery Flow or Yin w/ TJ

ONE LAST CHANCE to catch Rosemary TONIGHT for her Yin Yoga Tune Up at 5:45pm before she heads to Mysore, India to study at Shri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute for a month!! Rosemary is an incredibly passionate student of Ashtanga and has a wealth of yoga knowledge.  Send her off with love,  will ya!??  And Sue Redmond of Hiawatha Yoga (yes,  she owned our space two owners ago!) will step in and be our lovely sub until Rosemary returns.  Sue’s Tuesday night 5:45 Yin classes will feature an eastern approach inspired by Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers: “Interweaving the insights and practices of Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and Transpersonal Psychology into an integral practice.”

P.S. Sue also has a sweet yogi-friendly Airbnb very close to the studio for any of you out of towners who want to make a weekend of it … perfect segway to my next point …


March 3-5th Hyatt Regency Downtown Minneapolis

Imbue is a proud sponsor of the Minneapolis Yoga Conference!  Top notch,  international presenters such as Faith Hunter,  Rolf Gates, Indu Arora,  Molly McManus,  Leo Rising,  Simon Park,  Marni Sclaroff … so many more.  All day intensives Friday (Vagina Warrior w/ Faith Hunter,  anyone??!  Reclaim the Sacred Masculine w/ Leo Rising??) Read all about the presenters and register here! 1, 2, 3 day passes available.  Yours truly (Mary) is flying back from my artist residency in New Mexico to perform for the opening night ceremony with cellist Julia Floberg and vocalist Crystal Meisinger.  I have a very spiritual,  ethereal,  and hopefully soothing set planned for you all.  There is still time to come on down to the Hyatt Regency downtown Minneapolis (stay there or at Sue’s Airbnb!)

Don’t forget – 2 for 1 Drop in Special through February! Yoga is for friends and lovers!


Awakening Women:  Cultivating Awareness, Authenticity & Abundance Workshop 2/26 1-5 pm 

*Please note – no Prenatal Yoga 2/26This is a four hour seminar and workshop w/ Kathleen from One Moment Center LLC that focuses on the unique experiences of cultivating awareness, authenticity and abundance in our journeys of awakening.

There will be yoga, body work, moving mindfulness practices, meditations and other experiential opportunities throughout the event.


Registration includes snacks, coffee/tea, goodie bags and door prizes

REGISTRATION IS EASY! www.tinyurl.com/omcAwaken2017

PRENATAL YOGA & Complimentary HENNA March 5th 12pm

Instructor: Andriana
Henna artist: Amy of Mehndi Moments
*** Please note: Prenatal Yoga is an on-going weekly class – no classes 2/26 or 4/16

$14 drop in
$10 student / senior / military

Reserve your spot: www.imbueyoga.com/calendar

During pregnancy, a woman experiences continuous change, in body, mind, and spirit. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or completely new to yoga, this class will offer support to women with all levels of experience and at all stages of pregnancy through a gentle practice meant to calm the mind through relaxation, meditation, and breath work. Postures in practice will be geared toward strengthening the body – especially the legs, pelvic floor, and hips, in preparation for the labor and birth process. Come connect with other expectant mothers, including your instructor, who is expecting her first baby in June! Classes meet Sundays from noon-1pm. Pre-registration is recommended via imbueyoga.com, but drop-ins are always welcome! *ps we only hands on adjust if you want – we are sensitive to your personal space!

On the first Sunday of every month after yoga class, Amy from Mehndi Moments is offering complimentary henna to our prenatal students! Please stick around for tea and beautiful henna designs. Please share with your expecting friends and registration highly recommended! Amy offered henna tattoos at our grand opening and was a hit with her stunning, shimmery designs. What better way to pamper!! Check out Mehndi Moments here:

AcroYoga Workshop w/ Becca Cerra – March 18th 3-5 pm 

Please register by March 16th to reserve your spot!
Register: http://bit.ly/2lx4hxsTake your practice to new heights in this AcroYoga workshop. After a vinyasa warm-up, you’ll work in a rotating group of 3 taking turns as the base, flyer, and spotter learning counterbalances and l-basing postures in the air. By the end of each class you’ll learn how to connect the series of static postures together creating a dynamic flowing sequence through the air.

Midwest Women’s Herbalist Conference June 9-11th

Looking forward to MORE “true” warm weather and green blessings?  Join us at the 6th Annual Midwest Women’s Herbalist Conference at Camp Helen Brachman in Almond, WI (near Madison).  Presenters  this year include Ubaka Hill,  Tammi Sweet,  Whapio and many more.  Learn herbal wisdom,  dance,  connect,  eat delicious local organic fair,  forage,  create!  Mary will be teaching gentle morning yoga in the Red Tent as well as co-facilitating the Teen Camp Spiral: “For its fifth year Teen Spiral is offering a focused and intimate setting for the maidens among us to speak their truth to one another in a safe and welcoming space. We seek to deepen our connections to the plants, one another, and our own wise child within. We offer a set of specifically targeted classes that will be super fun and immensely useful to you in your life. Plant identification, botany, energetics, our amazing bodies, sex and gender issues, cultural beauty ideals, radical self love, yoga, dance, henna and pressed flower “tattoos” are just some of the topics that we have the opportunity to explore together. We even have our own special space that will be available to us as an overnight space on Saturday night! Come and learn, sing, and dance into the spiral of health! We may arrive as strangers but we will depart as sisters.”
Register and more info here!

In light, and love, and hope that you are feeling imbued with energy,  well being and compassion!

Mary + Imbue Crew

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