May Newsletter: Aerial Yoga + 1st Year Anniversary Party Invitation!

Shine on,  friends!

I hope you are WONDERFUL.  Happy Art-a-Whirl weekend if you’re doing that and hope the spring is treating you kindly.  Sit back, you’re in for a long newsletter!  Feel free to scan to what strikes your fancy 😉

Spring/summer in Minnesota has such an exciting energy.  We try and cram EVERYTHING in before hibernation mode.  Know that you can always return to your breath if you feel that pulse rate increasing.  I like using anchors to remind me to breathe – things like like buckling my seatbelt,  right before bed and before meals to connect and tune in with a few deep, slow breaths.  We are all breathing together – the one element that keeps us ALIVE, fresh and inspired and sometimes it is our only commonality,  it seems 😉  Breath is a gift you can open at any time,  an action that we all can work to develop if we wish … some yogis say that if we can lengthen our breath,  we can even live longer!

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It is with much excitement that I am writing today.  I am SO stoked to announce that we are going to re-introduce Aerial Yoga to the space!  Those custom welded brackets from our ceiling will soon be holding silk hammocks from which to dangle,  do inversions and backbends and frolic with ease.  Instructor Beth Onward is joining the team and will begin teaching Tuesdays at 7:30 pm starting in June.  An introductory aerial yoga workshop will be required (unless you’ve practiced aerial before) and these workshops will be offered monthly.  The first one is Sunday, June 4th at 2 pm.  Only 8 spots available so register NOW! Please also note that we only have 8 spaces for the tuesday evening drop in class (yes,  drop in price AND you can use your monthly membership passes!) so it will fill up FAST!  Register online to save your space and if you can’t make it,  please de-register so we can offer it up to someone else 🙂

Here is an article about why you should try it and for some of us,  why we should NOT 😉  I struggled for awhile about offering this style as my yoga lineage is Viniyoga which is rather traditional – with our feet and bodies planted on the earth.  Over this last year I have opened up to realize what i’ve always known in my 20+ years of yoga & fitness & meditation dabbling – that there are MANY paths to finding joy in the body,  mind and heart.  Enjoy your journey!

Midtown Farmers Market Yoga is ON tomorrow and every other Saturday at 8:30am – weather permitting!  2225 E Lake Street.  We will post on our facebook, instagram and twitter by 7:30 to make sure it’s still on as it might be rainy.  Bring a mat and layers, it’s a bit chilly this weekend.  The class is free,  beginners ALWAYS welcome,  and donations are welcome too 🙂

First Year Anniversary Party!   June 25th!

Can you BELIEVE IT?  I can’t.  It’s been a year already!  Please join us for our first year anniversary party Sunday, June 25th from 3-6.  There will be free mini-classes,  live music,  delicious plant-based eats (Punk Rawk Labs is IN!),  henna with Mehndi Moments, raffles for prizes and discounts on our passes.  Last year was SUCH a beautiful time and this year will be even sweeter.

On a personal note (I wrote about it for June’s Corcoran Newspaper,  I just made sweet peace with the previous owner of our space,  Elen of Yoga for Every Body.  We had some tricky icky conflicts as I was taking over the space.  I sat with it for a year and finally reached out.  We made a video about our reconnecting/healing and put it on our Facebook pages.  Check it out if you wanna here.  We can always go back with the intention to heal,  whether or not we reach out to a person,  we can always send intentions of peace.  It feels SO much better to have a lighter heart,  and now I have a new ally! That said,  come and celebrate this space,  thick with history!  From the Smitten Kitten,  to Yoga for Every Body & Hiawatha Yoga,  to Prince’s costume designer space,  our studio has some serious vibes flowing 😉

Schedule / Time changes

Here are some schedule changes to take note of – always check to make sure things are going as planned!  We STRIVE to be consistent,  but my,  we must be flexible with everyone’s busy lives 😉 Changes and new classes noted here!

Mondays 6pm Power Vinyasa *new class!
Mondays 9pm Service Industry Vinyasa – last class May 22nd
Tuesdays 5:45pm Yin Yoga Tunes up switches to 6pm starting June 7th
Tuesdays 7pm Yoga for Runners & Cyclists  – last class on this day May 31st. Moves to Weds at 6 pm beginning June 14.
Tuesdays 7:30pm Aerial Yoga begins June 6
Tuesdays 8:30pm Candlelight Flow – last class May 31st
Wednesdays 10am Slow VInyasa Flow *new class
Wednesdays 12pm Viniyoga *new class
Wednesdays 5:45pm Recovery Yoga – moves to Weds at 7:30pm starting June 7th 
Wednesdays 7pm Mindful Movement & Meditation – last class May 31st
Thursdays 5:30pm Kundalini switches to 5:15pm this week
Thursdays 7pm Prenatal Yoga *new class

A lot of changes and rearranges!  More new classes coming at June’s end as well as beginner workshops and something fun i’m working on for you creative types!  I have also just begun my advanced yoga teacher training at Yoga Center of Minneapolis which will consume my heart, mind and body for the next 14 months.  I look forward to sharing what I learn with you.  Remember all classes & changes will be reflected on our online calendar at

One on One Lessons

If group classes JUST aren’t your thing and you’d prefer to work ONE ON ONE to develop your personal practice or start from scratch,  I’m offering one-on-one lessons for $50 from now til the end of June (regular $65).  In these lessons,  we can focus on postures you are working on, adapting for injury or reduced mobility,  building a home practice,  yoga philosophy/lifestyle reflection,  breathwork,  meditation,  the sky is the limit.  I am here to support you in your journey!  I’ve built in some private session times into our online calendar to book easily OR respond to this email and we can find a time that works for you.  I look forward to practicing with you! Book your session here!

Love and light to you!

mary + imbue crew

p.s. Some of you inquired about my shows & music.  In my other life i’m a musician.  I just released my 7th album called “The Majesty of Beasts” and got a wonderful write up in the Minneapolis Star Tribune (Imbue got a shout out!).  If you are interested in coming to my shows, check out my website & calendar here.  I’m performing every Wednesday in July at Aster Cafe and a family friendly full band show July 28th at Minnehaha Falls Pavilion.  Also know that a number of our instructors are musicians!  Molly Maher,  Lauren Asheim,  Steve Murray & Andriana Lehr are all local rockstars.  Some of us will sing at the anniversary party!

pps. Last chance to enjoy the plants at the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference June 9-11th

Join us for an amazing weekend and kick off your summer in a most nourishing way.  Entrust your teenagers with Mary Bue & Rebekah Dawn at the Teen Spiral Camp and join Mary for gentle morning yoga in the Red Tent,  as well as learn from AMAZING presenters,  eat fantastic food and grow an incredible community of new friends this June near Madison, WI!

“Learn from world-changing thinkers and movers in the world of women’s wisdom and herbalism. The 2017 Conference marks our sixth year as we gather together again at Camp Helen Brachman, in Almond, WI (two hours from Milwaukee near Waupaca) with about 400 women, teens, and children.  Along with the herbal education and personal growth workshops women enjoy dance and body movement opportunities, singing, and nature walks.  The village will commune together around nourishing, mostly organic meals, swimming in and enjoying the view of beautiful Pickerel Lake (in the heart of the camp), and soaking in the evening campfire.  While tent camping or residing in the rustic cabins, women enjoy the natural beauty around the camp, with enough space to join a group or take a quiet walk alone.  Beginning with a welcoming opening ceremony, bringing together the group’s intentions, each personal journey continues while held in the trusting and mysterious arms of nature.”

More info: