Keelin Roche

Keelin Roche
Keelin came to her mat space thanks to a severe back injury that she had been nurturing since she was 12 years old. With an athletic-based background, Keelin first struggled with the practice because of the limited range of her spine, and her tendency to move into that competition mindset. Little did she know, the practice would open her mind and body to a new kind of strength, focus, and love. Her passion grew as she continued to learn more about the anatomy of the postures, and this then grew into her study of the spiritual practices of yoga. Combining the physical and spiritual attributes of the journey is something she continues to work on, and bring in to her personal practice.
Her yoga practice has taken her around the world, from the midwest to Canada, Central America, and Europe. In a recent move to Nicaragua, Keelin began practicing Buti Yoga as a way to bring change to her mat, and stay grounded during such a huge shift in her life. She fell madly in love with the way energy tangibly moved through the Buti practice, and the way it formed deep community without any judgement (Ahimsa) and wall building. Open, authentic, honest community – what could be better?! She pursued Buti Yoga teacher training after moving back to the Untied States, and is excited to spread this fun practice to others.
Keelin is a student first and foremost, and hopes that in her classes the sense of community will create an environment where there is equal give and take, learning and teaching, through both her and the students, so that everyone leaves with a sense of joy, peace, and a desire to learn more. 🙂

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