Recovery Yoga – Fridays at 6pm

Recovery Yoga Fridays at 6pm w/ TJ Long starting September 1st

*Please note on the 3rd Friday of every month the format will be similar but called “Plant Based Yoga” with a potluck to follow at 7pm 🙂

$14 Drop In
$10 Student/Senior/Military

Recovery Yoga class creates a reflective space to restore a healthy and enriched connection to your deeper self. In a relaxed state of body and mind, we will take time to explore positive intentions, affirmations and gratitude through a meditative yin yoga sequence. Healing is always a rooted intention.
This class is inclusive, and all are welcome to participate.

Instructor: TJ V Long of Whole Connection

TJ is a certified personal trainer, natural health coach and raw vegan chef based in Minneapolis. He became interested in health and fitness a few years after college, initially intrigued by plant-based nutrition as well as orthopedic exercise and recovery. Seeking ways to advance physical recovery methods, he later opened up to exploring yoga, calisthenics and plyometrics, as well as natural hygiene. TJ stays busy researching principles of natural health, also working with special needs students at a St Paul charter high school, coaching youth ice hockey athletes on and off ice, attending outreach and community events with local animal rights organizations, and creating fruit-based vegan meals in the kitchen. He lives with his best friend, a rescued companion-dog named Brooks who came into his care in 2012. 

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