True Nature Zazen: Intro to Zen Meditation

True Nature Zazen: Intro to Zen Meditation

4 week series on Tuesdays beginning May 22 through June 12th from 7-8:00pm.


A beginners group that provides support and encouragement for your own meditation practice. Are You interested in meditation, mindfulness or have just begun zazen practice on your own? Sit. Breathe. Embrace your true nature. Realize new enlightened understanding with meditation methods, techniques and discussions.

Discussion and guidance on mindfulness, Zen basics and methods with sitting meditation periods.

Chris Perricelli: Teacher, student, meditator, musician.
Before moving to the Twin Cities, Chris learned and attended weekly Zen meditations which established the roots that solidified a strong personal daily Zen practice. With over a decade of practice and a deepened understanding, his kind and respectful demeanor naturally welcomes you to sit, breathe and be as you are. This will be Chris’ second introduction to meditation series at Imbue.

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