Renovation: inside and out

April 1st I got the keys to our yoga studio space in the Corcoran / Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis. With grand plans of renovation, visions of bamboo floors and yellow walls,  peaced out and comfy people, my husband Kyle and I arrived at the space.

I loved the space as it was: big lotus mural on the wall, calming blue and green walls. I wasn’t a fan of the green carpet tiles, though, and wanted a hardwood-type floor to practice on yet sustainable. I coordinated with my landlord and he agreed to bamboo.

My husband & his friend / bandmate Bob Olson were hired on and they began scrubbing the walls,  mudding, sanding the ceiling, putting on the first coat of primer. As you can see, I have a broken shoulder so couldn’t help much! I did pull nails out of the shoe / wooden trim, though!

We painted over the Lotus. I wrote it a poem …

Dear Lotus,

Yes, we are painting over you

Thick coats of white

Your image obscured, soon to be deep underneath the thick

Like the muck from which you emerge, in your many petaled glory and utter beauty

Submerged and then covered in honey locust yellow

In an open, bright room that will be filled with green vines and orchids

The memory of you

And she who painted you

And all the practitioners who practiced beside you

Lives on — but with newness — and respect for what wa

I bow to you as you fade back into the muck

What next will emerge?

Slowly the room was primed in yellow …

We went to Nashville for a week to record my band’s EP / 7th album (Mary Bue & the Holy Bones), came back, and Kyle cranked out the first coat of honey locust yellow in one 13 hour day with some helpers – my mom and mother in law (and her dog Odie) came and put in a few hours too!

My great friend Leslie’s fam came over on soft opening day and offered their help. Leslie scrubbed the old sign off the window that was gunked on (sticker residue). Isn’t she doing a perfect Warrior III here?

Leslie’s daughter Tiki infused the space with good vibes and helped me carry stuff up from the basement …

Tiki and her dad placed the orchid on this weird little shelf – perfect!

Bamboo floor is beautiful! While in Nashville, my landlord called and said we ordered the WRONG type of floor (supposed to be a floating floor, not glued or nailed) so I had to order, sight unseen, a new floor for them to install. A happy accident because I like this one way better!


Our soft opening  took place with just moments to spare! Our first class was a partnership with a U of M professor of Kinesiology named Dahiea who taught kids yoga to an African American kids group called Jack and Jill.  The space was filled with 3-5 year olds and it was fantastic to feel the joy and energy!

I held a class shortly after, small and sweet. My friend Katy Vernon took this picture as I was handing out surprise dark chocolate to all the students.  So thrilled!  This has been a process not lacking snafus and challenges, but it is refining my sense of self, courage, and hope for the future! I can’t wait for you to find this place and settle in, feel at home, and let the benefits of yoga, meditation, and community sink into your cells!

A select few classes are now in session – check out our calendar here!  Easy online registration!

Our sign will be painted by custom sign painter Forrest Wozniak! We also will have shelving with tons of plants and a few benches for the reception areas. All of this is in the works!

Our grand opening party is June 11th! Ribbon cutting and toasts at 3, mini classes 4-6 and open house/reception followed by live music by Katy Vernon, Dirty Knobs and Brian Just! Come celebrate with us!

Much love,

Mary Bue MacLean, founder

P.S. Would you like to be in our studio photo shoot for the website? Tentative date is May 14th at 2:30. Contact us here for more details! All bodies, shapes, ages, prenatal, etc welcome. Refreshments & other goodies provided!