Why should I do a private yoga lesson?

Are you new to yoga and want to learn the basics in private before venturing into a group class?  Have you been practicing for awhile and found an area you want to explore deeper?  Maybe you’re not a fan of group fitness at all and want to develop a home practice?

These are all fantastic reasons to work one on one with an experienced yoga instructor.

Traditionally, yoga was taught one on one rather than group instruction.  This way,  an instructor can see exactly what is at play in a student’s body and life:  their level of yoga experience,  flexibility,  history of injury or health issues,  as well as work specifically with their students goals for yoga.  Perhaps you are brand new and would prefer to work one on one to get started before branching out into group classes.  Perhaps you’d like to work specifically one on particular area of your practice and develop it over time with a registered instructor.  Maybe you have areas of your body you’d like to stretch and strengthen or maybe group classes just aren’t for you and you want to work with someone to help develop your home practice.  

Here is a great article by yoga journal about the benefits of private yoga classes: http://www.yogajournal.com/article/teach/one-on-one-time/