Research abounds that yoga can improve immunity,  reduce stress,  provide relief to chronic pain,  increase focus and a sense of well being.  If this sounds like preventative medicine to your employees,  please get in touch with us about offering yoga in your workplace!  We can offer a variety of options:  one-time workshops,  weekly classes,  monthly series,  one-on-one or small group sessions.  Contact us by email or phone at the contact link for more info!  Here are some snippets of research to learn more:

“Both the mindfulness-based and therapeutic yoga programs may provide viable and effective interventions to target high stress levels, sleep quality, and autonomic balance in employees. Compared with the control group, the mind-body interventions showed significantly greater improvements on perceived stress, sleep quality, and the heart rhythm coherence ratio of heart rate variability.”
– Wolever et al (2012), Journal of Occupational Health Psychology

“Yoga has potential utility as a complementary and alternative therapy for chronic diseases and can help older adults to maintain their health.“
– Eda (2014), Journal of Clinical Research & Bioethics

“The present study investigated [gray matter volume] differences between yoga meditation practitioners (YMP) and a matched control group. The YMP group exhibited greater [gray matter] volume in frontal, limbic, temporal, occipital and cerebellar regions. Taken together, study findings suggest that the practice of hatha yoga…is associated with enhanced cognitive function coupled with enlargement of brain structures held to instantiate executive control.”
– Froeliger et al (2012), Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Founder Mary Bue MacLean has taught at Maurice’s / Ascena Retail Group, Inc,  Minnesota Power,  Proctor High School,  Harbor City International School,  Human Development Center,  Duluth Courthouse,  Duluth Center for Drug and Alcohol Treatment and more.  She personally will coordinate schedules and programs for your workplace environments or find the right contractor to fit your needs.

Workplace Yoga Testimonials: 

“Mary Bue has been my yogi for four wonderful years. She is a welcoming light at each class and provides me support and guidance in my practice.  I return to my day feeling calm, reenergized and uplifted. When I thank Mary for a wonderful class I see the joy bubble up in her – you won’t find a more skilled instructor or a more giving person.”  – Cindy Kerr,  Director,  Disability & Leave Management,  Ascena Retail Group, Inc. / Maurice’s

“Mary’s yoga instruction was perfect for my large group of teens.  Her instruction was clear, brief and engaging.  She chose poses which were easy enough for the beginner, and simultaneously offered challenge to those ready.  Even my challenging students who clamor for attention were engaged in her instruction.  Mostly, I am amazed with the positive environment Mary builds.  Her love of the practice is apparent and her enthusiasm is contagious”  –Tom Maloney – High school teacher at Harbor City International, Duluth, MN

“I hadn’t formally engaged in practicing yoga in a group before Mary Bue began teaching sessions at my workplace.  We work in a high stress field and these sessions quickly became a highlight of my week.  Mary does a great job of making the sessions fun and useful and meeting students where they’re at.  I’d do workplace yoga with Mary every day if I could.”  – Glenn Maloney,  Mental Health Counselor,  Human Development Center

“Thank you for taking your time to come to HDC to give me the chance to exercise, relax, and take time for me (all hard things to do with a new little one!).” – Krystle Haugen,  Mental Health Counselor,  Human Development Center