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Student Testimonials

“Love, love, love this studio! There is truly something for everyone here regardless of your experience level, size, shape, or otherwise. The teachers are so warm, welcoming, and are wonderful at making classes accessible to everyone.  Whether you are new to yoga or have had a regular practice for years, you will definitely find something that you will enjoy at Imbue Yoga.”  – Amanda H.  via Google 

“Loved Dorothy’s Tuesday morning kundalini class! I left feeling energized and am looking forward to the next one already! Great new space in the neighborhood.” – Bridget J. via Google

“Loving my new yoga teacher Mary Bue. This new studio in the Corcoran neighborhood in south Minneapolis is welcoming and comfortable. Lots of classes to choose from and all levels of practice are invited. Easy pay and easy register for classes online via their website. The studio has been remodeled with bright paint and a beautiful floor. I’ve been attending a slow flow vinyasa class and I love it. Look for more classes starting mid-June. Welcome to the neighborhood Imbue Yoga Studio. Very excited to see you grow.” – Betsy S. via Google

“Very “warm” and “inviting” studio. I’m a perennial beginner and I always feel very comfortable. The instructors help with poses (when needed)…so I know I’m doing each pose correctly.” – Lydia K.  via Facebook

“Wonderful atmosphere & nice people. I’ve had lovely yoga experiences.” – Linda N. via Facebook

“As a very novice yoga student, Mary Bue did an excellent job making me feel welcome and she gave great instruction.” – Steve L. via Facebook

“Minneapolis is a fortunate place to gain Mary Bue’s yoga practice. I’m not yet acquainted with the studio’s other instructors, but I can only imagine they’re as warm, welcoming and supportive as Mary. Such a variety of classes for all skill-levels and points-in-life, Imbue makes yoga accessible to everyone.” – Mandy W. via Facebook

“A beautiful oasis in South Minneapolis. Everything about Imbue is welcoming. To the way they’ve improved the space to the way they teach. I always wondered what the fuss was about yoga, under Mary’s gentle encouragement I now know.” – Katy V.  via Facebook

“I love what you have done with the studio! Mary’s style of teaching embraces everyone and leaves you feeling balanced and refreshed! Highly recommend!” – Leslie B. via Facebook 

“I can’t speak highly enough of Mary’s yoga sessions. Not only does she create a laid back and welcoming atmosphere in her studio, but she has an incredible ability to be inclusive of all experience levels while also adding specific elements to a practice when requested by the group. Her sessions are seamless — she presents movements in an uncomplicated, calm, and clear manner, and she is the embodiment of a teacher in that she makes everything approachable while still challenging and beneficial. I personally wouldn’t practice yoga for years due to a lack of knowledge on the discipline as well as a general dislike for group-based workouts, but I was hooked after my first session in Mary’s “Yoga for the Absolute Beginner” series. After practicing with Mary for over a year now, I am in such better health; I’m in the best shape I’ve been in over five years, I was able to cancel two painful knee surgeries, and most importantly, the meditation aspects of Mary’s classes have carried over into the rest of my life, allowing me to experience much less stress than before. Mary is the real deal!” – Meghan Gantz – Advocacy Programs Coordinator – PAVSA

“Mary’s yoga instruction was perfect for my large group of teens.  Her instruction was clear, brief and engaging.  She chose poses which were easy enough for the beginner, and simultaneously offered challenge to those ready.  Even my challenging students who clamor for attention were engaged in her instruction.  Mostly, I am amazed with the positive environment Mary builds.  Her love of the practice is apparent and her enthusiasm is contagious”  Tom Maloney – High school teacher at Harbor City International

“I had never taken a yoga class before and only signed up when I knew that Mary was teaching. I had been really intimated to try one but when I saw her class description it sounded so welcoming that I had to check it out! There is something so calming and positive about her as a performer and I just had a feeling that would translate to teaching. It did. She is so warm and welcoming. I have had some serious health issues and pain in the last few years which she knew about and she gave me advice for how much to try in class and when to take it slow.  The tone she set in class was relaxing and respectful of all levels and she uses her humor to make sure that everyone has a good time. There is a deep level of commitment and seriousness to her too though. She brings he same level of respect to her craft of teaching as she does to music. She’s never messing around!  I’m thrilled that Mary is going to be in Mpls now as it means I can take more classes and watch her grow!” – Katy Vernon,  Musician

Mary’s loving energy yields a consistent quality class. Even if I’m distracted or otherwise not my best, I’m always 100% stoked I attended. Her smiling face is just as healing, refreshing, & uplifting as her practice. Sometimes she even blesses ya with a little song at the end. #iCryInSavasana”  – Hannah Rey Dunda,  Musician


“Mary is always non judgmental and supportive. She’s enthusiastic and her classes have incredible energy! They are often the highlight of my week!”  Katie Eagle, Attorney

“I’ve practiced yoga under a few local instructors and Mary had by far been the most welcoming, supportive, enthusiastic & entertaining instructor. She is incredibly knowledgeable and willing to take suggestions based on folks needs and their abilities to do positions. When I leave a class I am Always looking forward to the next. She radiates positive vibes & will not disappoint!” Melissa Alvar,  Volunteer Coordinator / Advocate / Artist

“Mary’s classes are so unique! She finds ways  to incorporate the positive energies from all around to enhance comfort in her class. I know when I am taking Mary’s classes that I’ll feel comfortable yet challenged, relaxed yet jazzed! No matter your ability, your size, or your strength Imbue Yoga’s approach will embrace you and make you feel at home!”  – Leslie Bruns,  Realtor at Better Homes & Gardens