Thank you, dear ones! Imbue Yoga Studio to close, with love, on December 31st

Dear friends,  yogis, potluckers,  supporters… I am writing with a bittersweet mixture of gratitude and grief. I am here to announce that after two and a half years Imbue Yoga Studio will be closing on December 31st. I really wasn’t sure when to announce this news (the new moon??? A Monday?!) but this is a day where we celebrate the end of things and honor what once was … that change is the only constant, that all things must end.

Imbue Yoga Studio was opened in some ways on impulse. I had only wanted to teach a class in Minneapolis (from Duluth) once a month and found a space to rent (Yoga for Every Body). After my first class, the owner announced that she would be closing. My heart leapt at the chance and I knew that I wanted to try my hand at running a yoga studio. Everything moved very fast, and a few months later I started remodeling (April 2016). The following month, I separated and divorced from my husband, moved to Minneapolis, and opened the studio in June of 2016.

Imbue Yoga Studio absolutely saved my life. Fostering a positive community of yoga (union!) and vegan potlucks and the incredible teachers and students and friends that came to be here was healing, uplifting, and gave focus to the internal challenges of change and transformation.

As the years have gone on I have realized, though, that my truest passion is music. I am a musician, and performing, song writing, touring has my heart. I’m just in the process of recording my 8th album with a new manager and producer. I realized that it is not my truth to own and run a yoga studio, nor is the way I have been running it ultimately financially sustainable.

The first limb of yoga philosophy as many of you know is Yamas – “restraints” and contains five jewels: Non-violence, truthfulness, nonstealing, nonexcess, and nonpossessiveness. In deep reflections I have realized that if I were to live to my ultimate truth, I would not be in the position I am with this space. It is, in some ways, “stealing” from those whose true dreams are to run and own a yoga studio! I would rather open up this space for them to thrive rather than be in competition. There are SO many wonderful yoga studios in the Twin Cities and I am confident that our instructors will find their homes there! (And I will keep you posted about where everyone will be going – and myself too as I plan to keep teaching, just not running a space).

All of this might sound woo woo and even selfish, like, how could I take this space away from you, dear students? And that is where my struggle lies. I am heart-broken to leave you hanging, and have watched friendships and communities foster with certain classes … however I KNOW that you will follow these teachers, and I am encouraging our instructors to start mailing lists so that they can keep in touch with you and let you know where they are going to be teaching next!

So what will happen to the studio??? The FANTASTIC shop next door THE FUTURE is going to be EXPANDING! How cool is it to say that “The Future is going to expand!!!???” Super cool. And in so many ways! Please check them out and stay tuned to what will happen there!

Until then, please know that we are here for you until December 31st. This gives students 2 months to finish out your class passes and enjoy our space. And if you’ve never been here, please come check it out! LOL, you only had 2.5 years to get here!

I am beyond grateful to each and every one of you for being part of this community. I also extend my gratitude to all the teachers and mentors before me that help me to live my truth … which is to give my passion and heart to my music career (and if you wanna be part of my new album, check out my Kickstarter here:!!!) It’s very exciting, and like I said, bittersweet AS HELL!!!!!!

So much love, and thanks,
The Spirit in me honors the Spirit in you,
Mary + Imbue Crew