Yoga for Cyclists at Farmstead Bike Shop – Saturdays at 1pm through March 24th – $15 drop in

/ksh12opsJoin us for a drop in yoga series to take care of the bodies that get us where we’re going in our lives (via bicycle)!  This yoga series will be focused on stretching the muscles that works so hard for us,  strengthening key areas that may be overlooked in cycling, opening the chest & hip flexors, as well as fascia release / self massage methods.  All will be connected to the breath to increase focus,  alertness, and body awareness.  This series is beginner friendly,  open to all levels,  & a perfect compliment to active lifestyles during the cold season.  On behalf of Farmstead,  Imbue Yoga + The Warming House,  we look forward to practicing with you!

Meditation with Live Cello – 4th Fridays – March 23rd at 6pm by Julia Floberg 

Julia Floberg - Barre instructor - Imbue Yoga - Minneapolis

$15 or $11 Student Senior Military

Take a moment to let go and listen to the sounds of your breath, your heartbeat, and a cello, the instrument that is closest in range to the human voice. This 45-minute class interweaves guided meditation prompts with live cello.

About cellist & Barre instructor Julia Floberg:

Julia Floberg is a cellist and singer-songwriter from Minneapolis, MN. When Julia was five years old, she went up to her mother and asked to play an instrument. Her four older siblings all played instruments, and she was starting to feel left out. A few weeks later, her mother brought home a cello. She has been playing the instrument ever since.

Julia received formal classical training on the cello on the East Coast and at various summer festivals around the U.S.A. She seriously considered pursuing a classical career in music, but she derailed off that track when she discovered songwriting in her early 20s. The allure of the words, the power of the voice, and the simplicity of the structure captured her attention. She started writing and then found she couldn’t stop.

Though Julia writes many of her songs on the mandolin and guitar, she arranges her songs for cello and voice. She has found that these two instruments are the only ones that can speak straight from the soul. Her first album, “Aporia,” is a solo project that interweaves the voice, the cello, and spoken word into several interwoven narratives, capturing a landscape filled with sorrow, longing, and existential questioning.

Beyond playing her own music, Julia Floberg also plays with the Delphia Cello Quartetand a jazz trio called The Razzberets (the group formed as a way to play Prince songs). Julia frequently performs with Twin Cities singer-songwriters, including Mary Bue, Carlisle Evans Peck, and Carl Franzen. On occasion, Julia gets in touch with her classical roots by subbing with the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra and the Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra.


Sacred Grounding Rhythm Movement workshop w/ Cheri Bunker – Friday 3/30

Friday, March 30th 7pm
Learn about your chakra energy centers and then move through all seven of the Chakras to open blockages feel the rhythm and move with our eyes closed or wearing a blindfold. Dance like no one is watching as no one will be. Feel the opening one by one of of each chakra . Dance with colorful scarves in your own little circle. Create a mandala of your sacred grounding movement experience at the end of the class. Chakra handouts provided. This program can also be done seated for those that prefer not to stand and dance. Barefoot or appropriate non slip footwear. 90 minutes.

Crystal Healing Session: Soundbath + Reiki Meditation Saturday, March 31st 6:30

Cost: $30
– –

Crystal Healing Sessions blend a variety of energetic healing modalities like Reiki, sonic vibration, crystals and meditation to create a hypnotically soothing experience to reset your mind and rekindle your spirit.

By using these powerful energy-soothing tools, we hope to bring you to a truly relaxing place where self-healing can occur. Each of the elements of this session – sound and energy healing – gently guide you into a meditative state where you can then explore deeper aspects of yourself, in return bringing resolution, clarity, and connection. This session is meant to be a gift-to-self, a time for you to pause and look inward.

Meet Your Instructors

Ashley Carlson and Caitlin Gottschalk are both certified yoga instructors (RYT200). Ashley is Reiki II Certified and passionate about tapping into the innate healing capacity of our own energetic beings. Caitlin has been composing ambient music since 2010 and through that found crystal singing bowls. Together they believe in the transformative properties that crystals, meditation and  sound can have on the body and soul and cannot wait to share it with you!

What to bring to a Crystal Healing Session:

  • A yoga mat
  • Comfy clothes
  • A Small Pillow (optional)
  • Your own gemstones or crystals (optional)

Embody the seven major chakras from root to crown with a breath-centered moving meditation featuring yoga asana (postures) and nyasa (gesture). In the yoga portion of this workshop, we will be linking breath to movement in a low intensity flowing practice serenaded by the soothing sounds of the crystal singing bowls. This workshop concludes with a guided meditation, chanting, energetic healing, essential oils, crystal healing and sound healing with Tibetan Bowls, Wah Wah Tubes, Chimes, Tingsha Bells, Singing Crystal Triangles, and Tuning Forks. Everyone will receive a free crystal to continue their healing work at home. Beginners welcome and modifications will be offered. Please bring a yoga mat and blanket. Limited to 20 participants.

Cost: $30- pre-sale price or $35 at the door.


Facilitators: Yoga: Mary Imbue. Crystal Singing Bowls, Meditation, Sound Healing, Energetic Healing: Jana DancynCloud

Sponsored by The MN Inner Circle Healers: And Imbue yoga Studios: (218) 341-1577.

Thai Massage R&R 4 Week Series w/ Beth Onward

4 Tuesdays at 7:30pm beginning April 3rd

$85 / $100 after

Register here

This extra juicy class series is a deep dive into relaxation and healing. Part Thai Massage, part Restorative Yoga, part Reiki, it is a heavenly retreat for the mind, body, and spirit.  Beth will talk briefly with you to determine your specific needs, and then your only task is to relax in a comfortable, supported restorative pose while she performs ThaiMassage (assisted stretching + massage) and Reiki (energy healing) community clinic style. Each person will receive personal intuitive attention in turn throughout the class. Afterwards you will feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.  Laying still causes the body to cool, so wear extra layers if you need them.

Herbalism Overview & Meet and Greet – Saturday April 7th – 3-5pm 

Cost $ 25.00

 Please register here by April 4th 

Join practicing herbalist Shyla A. Earl, M.A. for an introduction to the exciting world of herbalism.
This workshop briefly examines herbalism from a historical and global perspective, focusing in
on current herbalism practices in the U.S. From this perspective, it explores a variety of herbal
terms, remedy types, and local healing plants. This foundational workshop will inspire you to
learn more about the wild weedy plant allies that live all around us to support your holistic
health. It will also cover the basics of herbal consultations and the role of the herbalist in
matching you with plant remedies. Everyone is welcome.

Shyla, from Acorn to Oak Herbal, was introduced to herbalism as an adolescent. She continues
to nurture her relationship with plants and her herbal practice through self-study, academic
courses, national herb conferences, connecting with local herbalists, teaching students and
educating clients. She has studied medicinal plants throughout the U.S. mainland and Hawaii. In
2010 she returned to Minnesota and began a modest herbal practice which blossomed in 2014
after studying and apprenticing under Lise Wolff, RH (AHG). In 2017 Shyla obtained a Master’s
degree in Holistic Health Studies (MAHS) to support her herbal practice. In the MAHS program,
she co-created and taught an herbal course, Plants, Culture, and Healing. Shyla has also
presented at the Minnesota Herbal Festival and will present at the Midwest Women’s Herbal
Conference in 2018.

Shyla offers herbal consultations at Imbue Yoga on Tuesdays. She is offering a “New to Imbue”
introductory rate for all consultations booked at Imbue through May 2018 ($70 rather than the
regular $95). Please visit to schedule your appointment or call 612-367-

Aerial Yoga at Imbue Yoga in Minneapolis

Intro to Aerial Yoga – Sunday, April 8th – 6-7:30pm

$30 – Purchase here by April 4th

In a safe and welcoming environment, learn how to invert, maneuver, balance, stretch and have fun in the aerial silks!! Learn proper modifications and propping techniques to for your personal comfort and ability level. Elevate your yoga practice to a new level and experience it in a new way. This class is most accessible to those with a general understanding of basic yoga poses. Please no sharp jewelry, clothing with zippers, or anything that may snag and damage the aerial silks.

Helpful tip: Cotton (not synthetic/slippery) clothing is most comfortable and safe in the silks. I recommend wearing a tighter fitting tank top with a T-shirt over it for optimal modesty while inverted, and protection from friction of the fabric.

*If you have a spinal condition, injury, or medical issues that prevent you from inverting (glaucoma, heart condition, etc) or backbending, or are pregnant, please obtain your doctor’s permission.

Spring Forest QiGong 6 week Series w/ Jana Dancyncloud

6 Wednesdays beginning April 25th – 7:30-8:30pm

Earlybird price $70 until April 15th

Reg Price $90 or drop in $15

Register here by April 25th for earlybird price!

Qigong means “life energy cultivation” and has been used in China for
hundreds of years to relief stress, promote health, and relax the mind. Like
yoga, Qigong involves gentle rhythmic movements, focused breathing, and
concentrated awareness.

Spring Forest QiGong was created by Master Chunyi Lin and is a combination
of many styles of QiGong. Class begins with slow gentle movements
combined with breathing and ends with a guided meditation and QiGong
healing. No movement or QiGong experience necessary. The movements
are simple and easy to do and follow. For ages 18-80. All levels welcomed.
FACILITATOR: Jana is a Spring Forest QiGong practice group leader.
She holds a M.F.A. in Dance and is a Milagros Energywork Master
Teacher/Healer, Reiki Master, Certified Massage Therapist, and Founder of
DancynCloud and the Inner Circle Healers. Presently in addition to
teaching QiGong, Jana teaches Milagros Energywork Healing Classes and
facilitates Wellness Drum and Sound Therapy Circles.